Kê-Tsiap and other condiments

Or rather, the word “ketchup” has its origins in the Chinese language. へぇぇぇ。

Kê-Tsiap, Catsup Or Ketchup?

More about the origins of ketchup:

And here’s something called “ketchup leather” that’s less messy than the liquid kind.

I have some stories about ketchup. Ask me in class! But ketchup was a more ubiquitous condiment in my childhood than soy sauce, or others I use a lot now (つゆ、ポン酢、おたふくsauce、etc…). And the mayonnaise I grew up with was nothing like Kewpie. We talked about condiments in one class the other day. Do those students remember the word?

Also, what is “aurora sauce” and what’s the origin of that name? Explain it in your portfolio and add some of your favorite condiments, dishes that need condiments, original condiments, and more.

Can you imagine someone making おたふくsauce “leather” to put on your okonomiyaki?