A day in Kyoto

Summer vacation is coming soon. Do you have travel plans? Do you make an itinerary, or do you just wing it?

Here’s one person’s travelogue of a day in Kyoto. It’s more meaningful to me because I’ve been there. Have you? Did you do any of the same things she did?

“What to do with one day in Kyoto”

(from Tofugu)

That’s my photo, not one from the article. It’s one of my favorite photos from my last trip to Kyoto. I kept imagining just one crazy bee buzzing around. (Students, do you get why this sign is funny to native English speakers?)

One thought about the article: this may sound too critical, but it seems to me that if you’re in Kyoto for just a day, you should skip the falafel and eat tofu. Kyoto has some really, really amazing tofu shops and restaurants, and it’s much more of a “When in Rome” expierence. But to each her own.