Happy Marine Day 🐳

Today is Marine Day, a relatively new holiday in Japan. Here’s a short explanation from this site:

Discussion question:

We’ve talked about national holidays in class and one question I always like to hear the answers to is: If you could create your own holiday, what would it be for and when would it be? Personally, I think we need at least one holiday in June. Maybe we could have a “Hydrangea Viewing Day” or make Father’s Day a 3-day weekend?

Language usage questions:

  • How do you say “sun-worshipping” in Japanese? Do you think it’s similar to 日向ぼっこ (my answer is  “no” but what do you think?)
  • A.K.A is a relatively common acronym/abbreviation in English. Can you find the three words it’s made up of in this short text? Then, can you do a little research (or ask me or another native speaker) how the acronym is used?
  • Try using “make the most of” in your own original sentences, about topics relevant to your life and what you’re studying.
  • This text uses some different words instead of “and so on” or “and etc.” Can you find them? Did you know that native speakers really don’t say “and so on” nearly as often as Japanese speakers do (at least I don’t think so)?