Delicious food in unexpected places

The university festival is coming soon for many students, so we’ve all got food on our minds. This video is about a street food vendor in Singapore who makes amazing braised chicken. It’s so good, he even received a Michelin star. And though he could’ve raised his prices after that, he decided not to, in appreciation of his customers. The video is in Chinese, with English subtitles.

It reminds me (as so many things do) of the movie “Tampopo” and the scene where the homeless man makes delicious オムライス for a neighborhood kid, after breaking into a kitchen after hours. There are no subtitles, but there’s very little dialogue. Students, can you make your own English subtitles for this movie clip?

Here’s a video explaining in English how to cook traditional “omu-rice” from a site called Japanese Cooking 101. It’s very standard, and the omelette is more like a crepe, for those of you who don’t like the runny (半熟) style that’s the other most common way to make it.