The best of 2017, part 2

Yesterday was a list of the best news of last year. Today is a challenge to find the best photo of 2017. Here are some places to look (via

The Atlantic: Top 25 News Photos of 2017, 2017 in Photos, Hopeful Images From 2017
The New York Times: The Year in Pictures 2017
National Geographic: Best Photos of 2017
Agence France-Presse: Pictures of the Year 2017 (part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5)
Reuters: Pictures of the Year 2017
Associated Press: The Year in Photos 2017
Time magazine: Top 100 Photos of 2017
CNN: 2017: The Year in Pictures
Petapixel: The Top 15 Photos on Flickr in 2017

A few of the ones I really liked / found intriguing:


#10: Yasin Akgul / AFP / Getty

#1: “Say Goodbye…” by Iwona Podlasinska

#19: Jorge Silva / Reuters

#18: Reuters