Interactive worksheets and brown tea

Find interactive worksheets, and make your own if you sign up, with this site called Live Worksheets. Most of the ones in English I found were rather elementary for the students in my classes, except maybe some of the ones for articles and collocations might be helpful.

But the site also has worksheets for other languages, and these might be fun for students who are just starting to learn a third language.

I tried this simple one for colors in Chinese. It was pretty easy, because most of the kanji are the same or similar in Japanese, but I got two wrong. I guessed that 粉 would be brown, but I was wrong. I’ve never seen the Chinese kanji for brown before.

This does make me wonder why, in Japan where green tea is historically more prevalent than black tea (which is actually brown), the word in Japanese for brown is 茶色 (“tea color”).