This story from Atlas Obscura is about a restaurant in China that had an all-you-can-eat campaign that went awry.

An All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Went Bankrupt Because People Ate Too Much

It links to the original article from the South China Morning Post, where you can read some more details and also see some of the comments, like these:

“The notice in Chinese said…. the restaurant was founded by a few inexperienced young people. That explains it. The bankruptcy is a direct result of such badly conceived promotion.

But I liked the owner’s attitude. He blames his own bad management rather than the customer’s bad behavior for his failure. such a person stands a good chance for future success. He is a young man and he has a lot of time to learn. I hope him well.”

And a bit more critical:

“China is still at a stage where greed overcomes refinement and good manners. The hordes who stuffed themselves with all you can eat at this restaurant are foolish.
This is bad for your health.
Your stomach is not a rubbish bin.”

Have you been to all-you-can-eat restaurants? Did you get your money’s worth?