Chocolate ears

I found this video on a post from Youngzine about chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Youngzine is a good source of reading and watching/listening material — mostly about news & current events —  for EFL students of any age, though the specified target audience is native English speaking children.

The video has a couple of funny subtitle mistakes. Listen and see if you can correct them.

at about 1:46:

at about 2:30:


Meadows in the sky

Should we try to make more green roofs in Tokyo? Here are some problems they can solve:

Can you think of disadvantages or hurdles and what we can do to overcome them?

One suprising fact from the video: some rooftops can get as hot as 170 degrees (F). That’s 76.6℃. Hyperbole of course, but it feels almost that hot in Tokyo in the summer, with the humidity. Maybe more green roofs can help us cool off a little.

Real solutions to real problems

It’s 11/11. In Japan people have fun with this, calling it Pocky Day, Singles Day (or ”standing pub” day), and much more. In China, it’s apparently “shopping spree day”, and in according to this article from site from the Philippines, it’s a day to make wishes. What would you wish for today?

One of the things we can really hope from President Trump is a change of position on Climate Change, which he has called a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. So we may want to get to Mars sooner rather than later. Here are two things to consider:

… and growing food on Mars. Matt Damon did it, and some scientists and astronauts agree what he did in the movie is possible, though there might be an easier way.