“…like a force you never knew you had”

“When you are well prepared, the body responds like a force you never knew you had.”

This is my favorite line from this short film called “Marathon” about a man named Julio in NYC, an immigrant from Ecuador whose goal is to place first in his age group in the New York marathon. The audio is in Spanish, with English subtitles. (from Aeon videos)



Love what you do

About very talented and very determined young boxer and her father:

My favorite lines:

Jesselyn Silva:

“I want to help him, and I want to help myself get better.”


“I never ever ever ever ever — maybe like a hundred evers — think that anything is too difficult for me.”

Her father:

“Regardless of how it turns out in the future, you’ve got to do something that you love to do. And you master it.


But I also really get his occasional apprehensive looks when she’s talking.

Silva mentions Claressa Shields towards the end of the video, when she’s talking about her long-term goals. Here’s an article from NPR about Shields, with audio and a transcript: “After Second Gold, Boxer Claressa Shields Looks Ahead To What’s Next” (from August 2016)