Kings of physical comedy

Charlie Chaplin is quite famous in Japan and I suppose most of my students know who he is, even if they haven’t seen many of his movies. But Buster Keaton, Chaplin’s contemporary and often considered his rival (for the same fanbase, anyway) is not as well known. Watch this (with Keaton’s own voiceover) to get a glimpse of his great talents:

If you want to learn a little more, here’s a short article from The Guardian: “Why Buster Keaton remains the king of comedy”

Never say never

How could someone who can’t see kayak? With a lot of motivation and ingenuity, and a litle help from technology.

Read more about this native of Turkey, who lost his sight when he was a child:

“The Water Belongs to Everyone, and This Blind Kayaker Will Prove It” (from KQED)

Here’s the app he uses: Be My Eyes. If you’re feeling philanthropic, maybe you can lend your eyes to someone who needs them.