No, not that raccoon

One raccoon was in the news last week, but here are two more: The first is an animated short story of a raccoon who finds a flashlight. The second is another real raccoon who doesn’t give up, teaching her child (called a “kit” in English) to climb. Now that Minnesota raccoon makes more sense; he or she probably had a good teacher, too.


And today?

Yesterday I shared two videos about the cities of Tokyo and New York City 100 years ago. Today is a list of “101 things to love about New York City”. My favorite was the (#35) Bodega Cats Instagram feed (also on Twitter):

Watch the video from Curbed about bodega cats.

Your challenge: make a list of 101 (well, start with 10?) things to love about Tokyo. My first on the list is the bicycle sharing system in 9 of the 23 wards.

Fur dolls

The New Yorker explains our obsession with cats. A few highlights:

  • We may have domesticated dogs, but cats domesticated us.
  • We like cats in part because they remind us of human babies or fur dolls. Cats would not agree.
  • Only 2% of the domesticated cats on the planet are “pure bred”.
  • Cats may have caused schizophrenia in humans.