The rat race

This short animated film is dark, but it gives us a lot to think and talk about.

(Here’s what the colloquial term “the rat race” means. Maybe wait and check the meaning after you watch and see if you can guess what it means.)


Animating the past

The GIFs by French photographer and animator Nicolas Monterrat on this Tumblr include some funny, creative, and sometimes very spooky images (via Colossal). Many of them take old photos and animate them in unexpected ways. Not much English input today, but plenty to try to explain and express your opinions about. You could even turn these GIFs into a story.


“Real life stories with a fairy tale feeling”

Here are a few videos from a Dutch series called 1Minute of Nature, about how Dutch kids experience nature in different ways. I don’t know much about the Netherlands, but seeing these makes me want to know more about this country and culture.

The first is about pre-teen unrequited love. The second is about losing a pet. The third is about life on a farm. The illustrations and animation are unique and mood is almost stoic. These kids seem very mature and self-aware.

If these interest you, you might browse some of the others: “Fishing” and “Jellyfish weather”. There may be more.