Why Mickey Mouse wears gloves

And has no elbows or knees.

Also, why Pinocchio used to wear gloves but doesn’t anymore.

This is a quick look into the history of some of the quirks of animation. You may leave with more questions than answers, but that’s what life is all about. An interesting life, anyway.

Rule breaker

Here’s another short film you can explain, like we did in some classes recently with Pixar and other short animated films.

  • What rules do you follow (or not)? Which of those rules would you like to change? How would you change them?
  • Which rules would you get rid of completely? Why?
  • Do you know *why* some of these rules exist? What do you think the purpose of the rules are?
  • Are there rules that you didn’t like when you were a child but that you understand now? If and when you have children, will you make the same rules for them?

Dangerous colors

Other possible titles:

  • Why are humans so slow to learn?
  • How much have artists and scientists sacrificed so that we can learn?
  • This is why we need responsible agencies like the EPA and the Department of Health, run by ethical people.

I liked the narrator’s tone of disbelief when she stresses “the 1970s” as she explains when the white pigment made from lead was finally banned.

Perhaps the people of Ireland and India are feeling a bit defensive after watching this video, though…

Here is the TED-Ed of this video, with accompanying questions and links.

Totoro to neighboring Nagoya

Well, Nagoya isn’t “neighboring” Tokyo, but it’s closer than USJ in Osaka, and the movie is called “My Neighbor Totoro”, so… (actually, Tokyo Disneyland isn’t really in Tokyo, but neighboring Chiba).

The BBC reports that a Totoro theme park is being built in Nagoya, to open by 2020. Someplace to go before or after the Olympics, perhaps.

Read the article to find out more. There are related links, too, so you can get lots of English input about this topic.

Within the article:

At the end: