Read more about amezaiku here (from Atlas Obscura), and you can watch Candy Miyuki perform at Disneyland here and here.

What is a Japanese (or another culture’s) craft tradition you would like to see preserved and made more visible around the world? How would you add your own twist to it?

Flying through the world of van Gogh

Something to enjoy, to ease us back and into the autumn semester. If you’re ready to start, try doing a little research on van Gogh, or one of his contemporaries. Or you could try finding something about him in the news, like these two pieces: “Does Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night feature the Milky, Milky Way?” (from The Art Newspaper), and this, which is a bit darker, more somber: “Van Gogh’s ‘terrifying environment’ of French asylum revealed” (from The Guardian).