No van Gogh, but you can have a gold toilet

According to the Washington Post, Mr. and Mrs. Trump requested a Van Gogh painting to put on display in their private quarters. The Guggenheim Museum said no to that, but offered to let them have this gold toilet instead.

Here’s part of the letter email:



This retired man in Japan uses the Excel spreadsheet software on his computer to make “paintings” (パソコン画 — pasokon-ga — “pasokon” is the Japanese portmanteau for personal computer + “ga” means picture).

He’s quite a character. So maybe it’s not about the tools. It’s about the person.

Here’s a little more about him from Spoon & Tamago.

And there’s more information, and images here, where it says Mr. Horiuchi won the official “Ageless Award” this year, proving that retirement can indeed be the start of a second life, and reminding us about how important it is to have a purpose and goals in life.

Trust in the pen

This artist draws … and draws and draws.

I liked the comment about how when she was in Japan, she used a fine pen. But when she went to the U.S. “everything was bigger and bolder” so she started using a bigger pen.

A daily museum visit on your phone

DailyArt is a free educational app for your phone that helps you learn a little about art. Each day, you’ll see a work of art, accompanied by a short text with description and sometimes an interesting backstory. It’s a way to get a little English input and feel like you’re visiting a musuem every day or getting a short art history lecture.

This is today’s selection: