Moon eating

Or “moon being eaten”. That’s how you say “lunar elipse” in Japanese: 月食。It was pretty spectacular, though my iPhone certainly doesn’t do it justice. It looked like you could pick it out of the sky with a pair of chopsticks.

At about 9 pm, just starting to “be eaten”, though it’s hard to tell from this photo. It was a very, very bright moon.

An hour later, orange and very 3D:

And here are some more profesional photos and captions for your reading practice:

“See it! Super Blue Moon eclipse photos” (from Earth Sky)

“Tokyo’s View of the Total Lunar Eclipse” (from Japan Forward)

Einstein must be happy today

I listened to an explanation of gravitational waves on the news this morning. The announcer was comparing them to こんにゃく(konjac jelly). I didn’t quite get it. This helped:

Find out more in this article from Vox: “Scientists just detected gravitational waves. We’ve entered a whole new world for astronomy”

This looks like a 蚊取り線香 (mosquito coil), don’t you think?