Fried chicken and … waffles?

That’s one odd food combination that, according to this video, is a popular late night “comfort food” during the Harlem Renaissance:

Discussion / Writing / Research questions:

  • What do you think are the differences between fried chicken and 唐揚げ?
  • Do you like any odd food combinations?
  • I’ve heard okonomiyaki described as “Japanese soul food”. What are other Japanese dishes you’d consider to be “soul food”? How would you define “soul food”?
  • What are the typical foods that people in Japan like to eat late at night after going to a concert or other event? Do you think restaurants should stay open 24-7?
  • The term “comfort food” refers to foods that remind you of your childhood. They’re usually not that healthy (high calorie, high carbohydrate and/or fat content) but they make you feel good (though maybe a bit guilty if you’re watching your weight). People especially like to eat comfort foods when they’re tired or sad. For some people, it might be mac & cheese or chili, fish & chips, pizza or curry and rice. For many people, it’s the foods that your mom (or dad) made for you a lot when you were a kid. For people with a sweet tooth, it may be ice cream. What are your comfort foods? When do you like to eat them? What are some typical comfort foods for people in your major language country?
  • Try doing a little research on the Harlem Renaissance and teach your partners about that part of American history. Here are a few sources:

Humans vs. AI

A Japanese insurance company replacing workers with AI was in the news a week or so ago:

“Japanese insurance firm replaces 34 staff with AI” (from BBC)

And then there’s the hotel in Kyushu (within the Huis Ten Bosch theme park) where 90% of the workers are robots:

These stories reminded me of one man’s quest to fight automated advertisement e-mails. I don’t recommend dealing with your frustrations the same way, but he sure is funny:

And new year’s debates

Three debate topics for the new year, connected to shopping and “stuff”:

  • Stores and shops should close on January 1st.
  • “Lucky bags” are a waste of money.
  • The “otoshidama” age limit should be 18.
  • “Osechi” is an old tradtion that should be abolished.

Here are a few articles that may help: