Smart, not smart

This makes me think of so many things … motivation, curiosity, perseverance, and of course my (and everyone’s?) wariness of crows.

I discovered this video via a project aiming at getting these smart crows to pick up cigarette butts. Fascinating.

Smart = crows

Not smart = people who throw their cigarette butts in the street. To the people who do this in my neighborhood (or anywhere), I want to say, “These streets are not your ashtray!”


Science through emojis

This Twitter account (Biolojical, which is a pun combining “biological” with at least the J, but probably more likely the “oji” from “emoji” is creative and entertaining. I like the idea of making connections and doing something different with a tool of communication (emojis). Students, can you think of a way to utilize emojis in a unique way to organize/categorize and then communicate something that you’re interested in?

Here are a few example tweets:

How much Vitamin C is in these emojis?

How many species does each emoji represent?

What do you call the baby version of these animals in English?

First and last

This website is a fun way to look at the first and last lines of famous movies. Here are two examples. Can you guess which movies they are?

There are more first and last lines at the end, with no GIFs. Here’s one example. Can you guess which movie it is? (Yes, that’s easy, but which one?)

A challenge for students: do the same thing with one (or some) of your favorite movies, or books or manga, and add an original visual representation or illustration — think about what images and fonts will help you express the feelings and emotions in those lines.