Nothing’s boring if you’re Batman

School supplies = notebooks and pens, tablets and smartphones, and Batman costumes.

“New research finds that kids aged 4-6 perform better during boring tasks when dressed as Batman” (from the World Economic Forum)

I’d be willing to bet it works for older students, and is not limited to Batman. Time to stock up on Doraemon and Anpanman costumes?


Fun block

Japan is famous for its great stationery. Here’s something new and unusual: the Omoshiro Block (“fun block”). According to Spoon and Tamago, right now it’s only available and the Tokyu Hands in Osaka and it’s pretty pricey, but it might make a fun graduation gift for someone.

Start with a full notepad block:

And as you use the notes, you reveal a famous Japanese landmark:

Click on any of the photos to see the end result.


Watch someone in Canada build a log cabin all by himself.

There’s no listening practice with this video, but you could try explaining what he’s doing. What vocabulary would you need?

Great dog, too. 🐕

If you’re curious about how it all happened, there are more videos on his YouTube channel. It’s all about “living off the grid” (田舎に引っ越し自給自足で生きて行くこと)。