She makes it look easy

But she did it by practicing. A lot. And being supported by her family.

Here’s a video from a couple of years ago about snowboarder Chloe Kim and how she got started:

And here are a couple more videos about her from The Kid Should See This.


Chocolate ears

I found this video on a post from Youngzine about chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Youngzine is a good source of reading and watching/listening material — mostly about news & current events —  for EFL students of any age, though the specified target audience is native English speaking children.

The video has a couple of funny subtitle mistakes. Listen and see if you can correct them.

at about 1:46:

at about 2:30:


First, bridge the language divide

This article from VOA News explains that one of the hurdles the South Korean and North Korean women’s ice hockey players had to overcome was language: hockey terms in South Korea are mostly loan words from English, but in the language they use in the North, loan words have been removed.

Here are some of the examples, with the Hangul added (from Language Log):

If you want to read about how the game went, here’s an article from the New York Times: United, They Fall: Korean Hockey Team Loses, 8-0, in Olympic Debut”.