Happy Birthday, Seto Ohashi

Seto Ohashi, sometimes called the Great Seto Bridge in English, opened 30 years ago today. Here’s a brief aticle about it in the Japan Times (where they redundantly call it “Seto Ohashi Bridge”).

Have you traveled over this bridge (which is actually a series of 6 bridges)? What other great bridges have you seen or been over, in Japan or in other countries?




DOGO News is a news site for kids, but it’s a great place to find short, relatively easy news articles for older language learners, too. These are the categories you can choose from:

news categories.png

Most of the articles include related videos.

But maybe the most useful aspect of this site for language learners is that you can listen to the articles being read aloud. The voice is a bit robotic but not that bad. And the words are highlighted as the audio continues:

There’s a dictionary:

You can also play Word Search games for each news story.

And there are book and movie reviews on the site, as well.

Chocolate ears

I found this video on a post from Youngzine about chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Youngzine is a good source of reading and watching/listening material — mostly about news & current events —  for EFL students of any age, though the specified target audience is native English speaking children.

The video has a couple of funny subtitle mistakes. Listen and see if you can correct them.

at about 1:46:

at about 2:30: