“Holding on for victory”

nippon.com is a great source of bilingual input for language learners, and many of the articles also have translations in Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian.

One of today’s stories was funny:

The English headline: Holding On for Victory: Japan Fans Save Bathroom Breaks for After Final Whistle

(which is a very good translation because it’s not a “direct translation” but has the meaning and spirt of the Japanese plus an English pun)

The Japanese headline: 勝利の瞬間までトイレは我慢?:サッカーW杯コロンビア戦、試合中の水使用量

The evidence:

No, not that raccoon

One raccoon was in the news last week, but here are two more: The first is an animated short story of a raccoon who finds a flashlight. The second is another real raccoon who doesn’t give up, teaching her child (called a “kit” in English) to climb. Now that Minnesota raccoon makes more sense; he or she probably had a good teacher, too.


Norkore is what writer Travis Jeppeson calls North Korean pop music. He traveled to NK in 2012 and was the first American to ever enroll in a North Korean university (according to Wikipedia).

“norkore – excerpt from see you again in pyongyang” (from 3:AM Magazine)

He describes NK’s “house band” Moranbong Band, tells us that one of Kim’s favorite songs is the theme from “Rocky”, and more.

Many people believe that music is a universal language. Maybe Kim and Trump can bond over music and then move on to talking seriously about nuclear disarmament and freeing the Japanese abductees.