Let’s dance

This story is about a tap dance school in Seattle, created for primarily disadvantaged kids to have an outlet for their energy, to help them build confidence, to give them a group to belong to, and also to call attention to social justice. Here’s their website.

It reminded me of a scene in the movie “White Nights” in which the two main characters — one who comes from ballet and one who comes from tap and jazz dance — collaborate on a dance that mixes both worlds. The movie has lots of other things to talk about: interracial relationships and prejudice, defection, and the Cold War.


Dance! Dance! Dance!

First of all, I hope everyone who is from or knows someone from the Kumamoto area is safe and sound, after last night’s magnitude 6.4 earthquake and the following aftershocks.

Today is Friday, TGIF. Time to relax. And dance!

One of my students shared this with his classmates and me yesterday. He’s one of the two dancers. Amazing!

That got me thinking about dance. Here are a couple other dance-related videos I enjoyed. There’s a little English listening practice in one of them, but mostly these are just to enjoy and be inspired by.