First and last

This website is a fun way to look at the first and last lines of famous movies. Here are two examples. Can you guess which movies they are?

There are more first and last lines at the end, with no GIFs. Here’s one example. Can you guess which movie it is? (Yes, that’s easy, but which one?)

A challenge for students: do the same thing with one (or some) of your favorite movies, or books or manga, and add an original visual representation or illustration — think about what images and fonts will help you express the feelings and emotions in those lines.


“A cure for the day”

Halloween decorations are already up in some places and the supermarket in my neighborhood started selling Halloween themed sweets in the first week of September. Too soon?

But it may not be too soon to start planning your Halloween costume, if you’re doing that this year. Here’s a short video about people who are making amazing costumes for kids with disabilities, so people see the costume and the kid, and not the disability.

Did you notice that the word “cosplay” is now part of the English language? Add that to your list of loan words from Japanese.

Here’s the website for the non-profit introduced in the video, if you want to find out more: Magic Wheelchair

Meadows in the sky

Should we try to make more green roofs in Tokyo? Here are some problems they can solve:

Can you think of disadvantages or hurdles and what we can do to overcome them?

One suprising fact from the video: some rooftops can get as hot as 170 degrees (F). That’s 76.6℃. Hyperbole of course, but it feels almost that hot in Tokyo in the summer, with the humidity. Maybe more green roofs can help us cool off a little.