“Say whatever you want, but say it well!”

“a misspelling is a lack of respect”

I like the Edgar Allen Poe decoration hanging from their rearview mirror (though doing that appears to be illegal in many US states … how about in Japan?). But then, so is graffiti

What are some differences between graffiti and street art? Would you like to see more of the latter around the streets of Tokyo?

Two articles to read about street art in Tokyo:

Explore the Street Art and Murals of Tokyo’s Tennozu Isle” (from Spoon and Tamago)

“Street artists in Japan try to wipe out conservative views toward graffiti” (from Japan Times)

Universal design

I was in Center-Minami the other day to visit an acquaintance who uses a wheelchair. The area around the station is pretty accessible for people in wheelchairs, but it was hard to find a place to have some coffee in the late afternooon that had enough space for four people and a wheelchair.

This morning on the news, I heard a segment about a “barrier-free app” for smart phones. I wasn’t paying attention, so I’m not sure if this is what they were talking about, but it looks promising:

Bmaps: barrier-free information sharing

Here’s more information from the Nippon Foundation (from July)

And if you plan to do a little research on this topic in English, you’ll find more information if you also use the search terms “universal design” and “inclusive design” and “wheelchair accessible” than if you limit your search to “barrier-free” which is not used as much in English-speaking countries.

City farming

A new way to feed our planet:

No pesticides? That’s a given.

But also: no dirt (reusable cloth instead), no sun (LED lights instead) and 95% less water used than in a regular farm. (The CC subtitles on this video are pretty good if you want to use them to confirm your understanding or check your dictation.)

Just a few things to think about or research: How much does it all cost? How does the nutrition compare? How will this impact rural farmers or international trade? How much vertical farming is being done in Japan?

Here’s one answer to one of the questions:

“How a Japanese Vertical Farm is Growing Strawberries using LED for the First Time” (from a site called AgFunder News)