🎵 helps us learn and remember

Flocabulary is a YouTube channel with educational videos set to hip-hop music. Here are a couple of examples:

Yesterday’s post was about creative writing prompts. This video helps explain the importance of the setting in a story.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley suddenly announced her resignation today. Here’s a video to learn more about what the U.N. actually does.

“True believers” vs. believers in the truth

From Aeon Magazine, this is an essay by a philosophy professor. He says that when a person’s beliefs are based on “wilful ignorance”, when they are “false, or morally repugnant, or irresponsible, or dangerous” then we have no right to believe in them.

“Consider those who believe that the lunar landings or the Sandy Hook school shooting were unreal, government-created dramas; that Barack Obama is Muslim; that the Earth is flat; or that climate change is a hoax. In such cases, the right to believe is proclaimed as a negative right; that is, its intent is to foreclose dialogue, to deflect all challenges; to enjoin others from interfering with one’s belief-commitment. The mind is closed, not open for learning. They might be ‘true believers’, but they are not believers in the truth.”

When we refuse to learn, we give up our right to believe in “our facts”.