Making a “perfect” country


“My Perfect Country” is a radio program by the BBC (13 episodes as of today, and there will be a total of 14) which imagines how we could build a perfect country, based on the best policies of countries around the world. We could use Japan’s gun control policies, Costa Ricas’ green energy techniques, Peru’s methods of reducing poverty, and more.

The episodes are 27 minutes in length, but there are also shorter clips:


Another idea to add to the list:

“Iceland knows how to stop teenage substance but the rest of the world isn’t listening” (from Mosaic)

Can you think of others?

Although I don’t think perfection is possible in most things in life, a willingness to try to change things for the better is a more beneficial way to spend our time than complaining.

Bicycle powered house?

This video explains how many people you’d need to power your house by bicycle:

A few things:

  • American houses use a lot of energy! My apartment only uses about 300 kw/h per month. But we don’t have a clothes dryer or central heating, and it’s obviously a much smaller space. Still…
  • That local dish called the “Garbage Plate” looks and sounds, frankly, disgusting. Sorry, Rochester. And students, please don’t judge all “American food” by this example.

Read more here: “Could You Power Your Home With A Bike?” (from NPR)

Real solutions to real problems

It’s 11/11. In Japan people have fun with this, calling it Pocky Day, Singles Day (or ”standing pub” day), and much more. In China, it’s apparently “shopping spree day”, and in according to this article from site from the Philippines, it’s a day to make wishes. What would you wish for today?

One of the things we can really hope from President Trump is a change of position on Climate Change, which he has called a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese. So we may want to get to Mars sooner rather than later. Here are two things to consider:

… and growing food on Mars. Matt Damon did it, and some scientists and astronauts agree what he did in the movie is possible, though there might be an easier way.