Wind telephone

About the “wind telephone” in northeastern Japan, where you can “talk” to loved ones you have lost:

1. A short article from Atlas Obscura

2. Audio (with transcript) and video from Spotlight English

3. A more challenging audio (with transcript) from This American Life



This is Juju. She’s an 11 year-old racecar driver from Okayama. The short video is in Japanese with English subtitles.

This is one of my favorite lines:


And another:

So do you think we should lower the driving age to 11?

What did you think of the subtitles? Accurate?

Dollar Street

Dollar Street imagines families from countries all over the world as living on one street. The poorer families on the left and the richer families on the right. Click on any of the families and you can visit them virtually — see what their homes are like and how they live.

Right now there are more than 260 homes in 50 countries, 30,000 photos in all.

No families from Japan yet. You can volunteer for this project — by taking photos, translatating texts, and other ways. If you click on the “Donate” you’ll see a place to volunteer, starting by filling out a survey (here’s the first question):