Arrós passat, per el gat

A couple of links about Spain and food:

1. “The real reason why Spaniards eat late” (BBC)

The answer, in a nutshell:

“While travellers might attribute Spain’s late mealtimes to the country’s laidback Mediterranean attitude, the real reason is a little more peculiar. Spaniards are living in the wrong time zone, and have been for more than 70 years.”

2. How to make authentic paella on an open fire (“A Night of Rice and Fire” — from Roads & Kingdoms)

This post’s title means “overcooked rice is for the cat” according to the article, and it’s the final piece of advice in cooking good paella.


I love tea. Everyone loves tea, no? Only water is drunk by more people in the world.

Coffee’s pretty great too, though.

One line I liked, emphasis mine (and I moved the position of the “only” to make a point):

“Tea shifted from food to drink only 1,500 years ago.”

Here’s the TED-Ed lesson, where you can quiz yourself and find some related information.

Care packages

“Care packages” are packages your mom (or dad, or sibling, or grandparent, or even a friend, but I always think of them as “mom packages”) sends you when you start living away from home. It’s a kind of tradition in the US, at least where (and when) I grew up.

Here’s an article from Tofugu that reminded me of care packages.

“Umai crate: the definitive 7-month long review”

It’s about a subscription box service for cup ramen. There are links there to similar services for Japanese snacks and toys, too. Ok, so they’re not care packages per se because you’re paying for them, but it might be an idea for a gift for someone who has everything… And it’s an idea for a budding entrepreneur, too.

I still get care packages, but from my mother-in-law. She sends us packages once in a while, with homemade (well, home-grilled by my father-in-law) surume (like squid jerky), vegetables grown in their local area, and other fun things like a certain local brand of cup ramen that is my husband’s go-to comfort food. That’s why I thought of care packages when I saw this Tofugu article. And I sometimes send care packages back, with homemade cookies 🍪

Discussion questions / writing prompts

  • Do you get care packages if you’re living away from home? What do you look forward to the most? If you don’t, what kind of package would you like to get?
  • If you could create a subscription service where you get a box of something each month, what would you like to get? Flowers? Fruit? Tea? Books? Would you prefer to choose what goes it in or be surprised?
  • What kind of subscription box service would you like to start? Do you think it would be an easy business to run?