King of Eggs

A story about a man in Udaipur (northwestern India) who runs a very successful food stall that serves only egg dishes. He calls himself the king of eggs … well, someday, he says.

“Udaipur’s Emperor of Eggs” (from Roads & Kingdoms)

It doesn’t look much like Mr. Valecha’s most popular dish, but here’s an English recipe for a dish with the same name, if you’d like to try it: Egg Bhurji

Some of those ingredients may be hard to find in your neighbourhood, though. I browsed some Japanese recipes for egg bhurji, and they included more readily available ingredients like ピーマン (green pepper), curry powder, and red pepper flakes. It may not be authentic egg bhurji, but maybe think about it as scrambled eggs with onion, peppers and spices.

A gluten-free world

This is a funny Tumblr that has taken famous works of art and images from pop culture and removed the wheat, bread and other forms of gluten: Gluten Free Museum

I’ve noticed more products in Tokyo supermarkets and convenience stores being advertised as “gluten-free” recently. Some of these are new products, though some — like pasta made from rice flour — have been around for a while but have just been re-labeled.

I have yet to hear from a student that he or she is allergic to gluten, but the number of people who have (or claim to have) celiac disease seems to be increasing. Some people, on the other hand, are just avoiding gluten for their health or as part of a diet.

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