A travel writer from the National Geographic set herself a goal on her vacation to Belize: try not to use any single-use plastic. She ended up avoiding it 79 times.

“You don’t have to be perfect. Even if you mess up along the way, doing *something* makes a difference.”

And this goes for your English, too. It doesn’t have to be perfect; just do something.

Let’s all try to follow her example this summer. I’ll be back in September with more topics. In the meantime, there’s plenty in the archives to read, watch, and learn about, and then to talk about with your friends or write about in your porfolio.



The 97%

This self-taught guitarist is from a small town in Russia. He was 19 when he did this.

Watch more of his renditions of popular songs on his YouTube channel.

And you can read an interview here. A couple of excerpts:

“I just play what I love in the style which I love.”

“I try my best to make my own music interesting and original.”

I liked it when he said it took him “a whole week” to learn to play it flawlessly. Like a week is a long time to be able to do that!

And the final question, about the secret to his success:

“Well, I think the secret lies in dedication and many hours of hard work. I don’t really believe in a “talent” and some natural abilities to play music. If the talent exists, it gives you only 3 percent of the success. The other 97 percent of the success are made only by you.