Backward, onward, upward

This is the world’s fastest backwards runner. He likes to see where he’s been. He says he’s learned to see things with a different perspective, and to compete with his own shadow.

Speaking of runners, here’s something about Alan Turing (you saw “Imitation Game” right?) and how he was a talented runner.

This post has a link to a Wikipedia list of non-professional runners. where you can see Turing’s time. Next to him on the list is Shinya Yamanaka, the scientist who won the Nobel Prize a few years ago for stem-cell research.

I wasn’t surprised to see Haruki Murakami on the list, but I didn’t know Mao Asada was a runner, too.



This is Juju. She’s an 11 year-old racecar driver from Okayama. The short video is in Japanese with English subtitles.

This is one of my favorite lines:


And another:

So do you think we should lower the driving age to 11?

What did you think of the subtitles? Accurate?


Watch someone in Canada build a log cabin all by himself.

There’s no listening practice with this video, but you could try explaining what he’s doing. What vocabulary would you need?

Great dog, too. πŸ•

If you’re curious about how it all happened, there are more videos on his YouTube channel. It’s all about “living off the grid” (η”°θˆŽγ«εΌ•γ£θΆŠγ—θ‡ͺ硦θ‡ͺθΆ³γ§η”Ÿγγ¦θ‘Œγγ“γ¨οΌ‰γ€‚