All you need is love … and a phone

This short film reminds me a little of the royal wedding that was all over the news on Saturday.

We’re talking about movies in some classes this week. If you really want to challenge yourself, try making your own short film. Even famous directors are shooting films on their phones these days.



Napflix: videos that will put you to sleep

I don’t think most of my students need help falling asleep, but I thought this was a funny concept. There’s a timer, of course, in case you do fall asleep. And there’s also a siesta mode which rotates the videos so you can still watch while you’re lying down.

Some of the videos (which are not original videos, but curated from YouTube):

The sound of rain

Counting Sheep (this is funny because in English, people say that when they’re trying to fall asleep, they count sheep)

Life of Panda

Cab ride

Don’t try this at home

Or maybe do. Just  be really, really careful. And get permission from the area police, too.

This is probably only funny if you’ve seen “The Sound of Music” and funnier if you know the people (the main players are all pretty well known in the U.S.), but even with neither of those references, I’m quite sure all my students know at least one of these songs.