Why do people decide to retire?

Here are a couple of videos about Elton John, who recently announced he’ll be retiring from touring.

A possible compare/contrast task: Compare his career and reasons for retiring to, say, Namie Amuro (letter in both Japanese and English) or another singer, entertainer, athlete (etc.) you like who has retired.


A day in the life

The California Sunday Magazine has a whole issue about teenagers this month. Because:

“We wanted to see how they’re living right now in the world adults made for them and how they’re beginning to change it — and maybe get a glimpse of where we’re all headed together.”

Here’s the cover photo:

Stories include:

Life advice from teen experts — how to meet new people, how to get people to care about something, how to say no, how to throw a good dance party (and more)

The two hour commute — see how three teenagers commute, with illustrations

How they do lunch

A conversation about social media and politics

Hanging out

This is a great model for a cross-cultural comparison or a research project about teenagers or university students in Japan: Find people to survey, ask good questions, analyze their answers, add photos and illustrations.

In the Wrong Hands

Wrong Hands is a collection of cartoons about language, culture, society, social media, history, politics … and more. Some things you can do with these cartoons: try to explain the message or what the artist wants to say, explain why they’re funny (or a bit cynical), translate them into Japanese or your major language, and/or talk about similarities and differences in humor — why a cartoon might (not) translate well into another language.

Word on the Street, June 30, 2017


Large Coffee, June 16, 2017


Us and Them, February 10, 2017

Dietetic Idiomatic Schematic, August 26, 2016

Smart phone vs. Dog, February 26, 2016

Here’s an interview with the artist, about the name of the site and more.