Isle of Dogs

Something more enjoyable for today: a movie trailer for “Isle of Dogs”.

Can’t wait to see this. Opening in March in the US. Hope it doesn’t take another 6 months to hit the theaters here.

Directed by Wes Anderson. And look at  the voice actors! Bill Murray … of course he’s in it.



Exploring Hogwarts

For Harry Potter fans — you can explore this 3D version of Hogwarts. It’s filled with “hot spots” to discover trivia about the stories. You do have to sign up with an e-mail address to access the site.

Here’s one example:

Writing prompt:

Have you seen similar explorations for other books or movies you like? If you were to choose one book, movie, manga, or series to give background trivia like this for, what would you choose? What kind of trivia would you add?

First and last

This website is a fun way to look at the first and last lines of famous movies. Here are two examples. Can you guess which movies they are?

There are more first and last lines at the end, with no GIFs. Here’s one example. Can you guess which movie it is? (Yes, that’s easy, but which one?)

A challenge for students: do the same thing with one (or some) of your favorite movies, or books or manga, and add an original visual representation or illustration — think about what images and fonts will help you express the feelings and emotions in those lines.

From selfies to movies

This funny short film was made in two weeks, using only an iPhone and an editing app that costs less than ¥2000. An inspiration for something creative to do during your summer vacation?

From Open Culture, with a title suggesting we should be using our smart phones for more than selfies, and including some constructive criticism in the comments section.