All you need is love … and a phone

This short film reminds me a little of the royal wedding that was all over the news on Saturday.

We’re talking about movies in some classes this week. If you really want to challenge yourself, try making your own short film. Even famous directors are shooting films on their phones these days.


Behind the scenes

Two videos from Great Big Story about what went on behind the scenes of two famous movie franchises:

What was that movie where …

You know how you’ve seen a movie and you can remember the story but you can’t remember the name? Well, google may help, but this site is more fun.

What is my movie? is a website based in Finland that uses technology I don’t really understand.

Type in what you remember and … voila!

Haven’t seen this old Bogart movie, but now I want to!

Another fun site for movies is Filmillion. Think of a movie and answer 30 (or so) questions and it’ll (probably) guess which movie you’re thinking of. I tried it with several well-known movies and it got the right answer 100% of the time. It might not work as well with newer movies (it didn’t get “Ready Player One”) or minor or foreign movies, but give it a try (good reading practice).


Play away


This Vox Populi from Asahi Shimbun talks about the nostalgia of childhood play in simpler times, when children would pick flowers (レンゲソウ). Today’s children, when asked where they play, picked “shopping mall” as one of their choices.

“Should we be saddened by this, or be impressed by the kids’ resourcefulness in turning any place into their playground?

How did you spend your Golden Week?

Part of mine was spent close to those  レンゲソウ flowers, actually, in a rural part of Japan. And the other part was spent in Tokyo, where I saw “Ready Player One”, a movie about a place and time that’s as far away from nature as you can get.

My holiday reflected the two sides of the Vox Populi perfectly. How about yours?