Why do people decide to retire?

Here are a couple of videos about Elton John, who recently announced he’ll be retiring from touring.

A possible compare/contrast task: Compare his career and reasons for retiring to, say, Namie Amuro (letter in both Japanese and English) or another singer, entertainer, athlete (etc.) you like who has retired.


A glockenspiel and a robot for Christmas

This glockenspiel with Raspberry Pi will play your Christmas carol requests if you tweet them: @NUSTEMxmas

What’s the difference between a glockenspiel and a xylophone? Here’s a robotic explanation:

やっぱり a human playing a glockenspiel is better. And this song makes me think of Christmas too.

Nice try

A pianist improvising in the styles of many famous composers. These three minutes are much more fun than hours of music theory classes, I suppose. And you can learn how to say this musical vocabulary in English (along with some tongue-in-cheek comments from the composers themselves).