A day in the life

The California Sunday Magazine has a whole issue about teenagers this month. Because:

“We wanted to see how they’re living right now in the world adults made for them and how they’re beginning to change it — and maybe get a glimpse of where we’re all headed together.”

Here’s the cover photo:

Stories include:

Life advice from teen experts — how to meet new people, how to get people to care about something, how to say no, how to throw a good dance party (and more)

The two hour commute — see how three teenagers commute, with illustrations

How they do lunch

A conversation about social media and politics

Hanging out

This is a great model for a cross-cultural comparison or a research project about teenagers or university students in Japan: Find people to survey, ask good questions, analyze their answers, add photos and illustrations.


“The fiery colour”

Students will remember the mnemonic device Roy G. Biv, I hope.

So if we think of the rainbow as containing 7 colors, what did people think in medieval times? If most of Europe didn’t eat oranges until the end of the 15th century, what did they call the color between red and yellow?

Read this British doctoral student’s short research report to find out what she discovered:

“How many colours were there in a medieval rainbow?”

But I like the way she ends her research report:

“It seems that there are as many colours in the rainbow as we are prepared to see.”

Please help a student with her survey

A student in one of  my classes is doing some research on why people go to university.

I’m sure she’ll appreciate it if any readers would take a few minutes to respond.

The target audience is university students or people who have graduated from university. This does not include those who are going to, or have gone to, vocational school and/or community college (短期大学、短大 in Japanese).

The survey is in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Here’s the survey

Thanks for your help!