CSI: Animals

Learn about the only full-service crime lab for animals in the world. Turn on the subtitles for the video to help with your listening comprehension if you need to (the subtitles on this YouTube channel are mostly very accurate).

Ok, so maybe the title “CSI” isn’t the right one, since that stands for crime scene investigators, and these people mostly just work in the lab. But a CSI: Animals might have been better than some of those other spin-offs (CSI: Miami and CSI: Cyber were both pretty terrible).

Questions for debate and discussion:

  • Should animals have the same rights as humans?
  • Which animals should have more protection under the law?
  • What kinds of organizations exist in Japan to protect the rights of animals?

Baby, you’re a firework

No, not that Katy Perry song. But this video explains, in a very easy to understand way, how she was right and we are like fireworks.

July 4th is the biggest day for fireworks in the U.S., but the season is just starting here in Japan. Have you been to any big fireworks displays? Are you going this summer? And which word do you like better — fireworks or “flower-fire” (花火). I think the Japanese word is much more descriptive and beautiful (though English speakers probably won’t understand you unless they know the Japanese word), but the English word does put the focus on how much effort it must take to make them!

Dangerous colors

Other possible titles:

  • Why are humans so slow to learn?
  • How much have artists and scientists sacrificed so that we can learn?
  • This is why we need responsible agencies like the EPA and the Department of Health, run by ethical people.

I liked the narrator’s tone of disbelief when she stresses “the 1970s” as she explains when the white pigment made from lead was finally banned.

Perhaps the people of Ireland and India are feeling a bit defensive after watching this video, though…

Here is the TED-Ed of this video, with accompanying questions and links.