A day in the life

The California Sunday Magazine has a whole issue about teenagers this month. Because:

“We wanted to see how they’re living right now in the world adults made for them and how they’re beginning to change it — and maybe get a glimpse of where we’re all headed together.”

Here’s the cover photo:

Stories include:

Life advice from teen experts — how to meet new people, how to get people to care about something, how to say no, how to throw a good dance party (and more)

The two hour commute — see how three teenagers commute, with illustrations

How they do lunch

A conversation about social media and politics

Hanging out

This is a great model for a cross-cultural comparison or a research project about teenagers or university students in Japan: Find people to survey, ask good questions, analyze their answers, add photos and illustrations.


First books

Do you remember the first book that had an impact on you? A few that I remember very, very vividly from my childhood, as much for the pictures as the stories. Not suggesting you should buy these, but take a look at the “Look inside”:

Anyway, I thought about this after seeing this video about a non-profit called First Book in a rural part of Iowa, where a “lunch lady” is organizing a book bus to help get books to children during vacations:

Our short winter vacation is coming up soon. What do you plan to read?

Last photos and alien fish

This short documentary asks people to share the stories behind the last photo on their phone. It’s a good discussion starter. WARNING: This particular video has a bit of swearing, but I think it’s worth it to see real people speaking real English.

One of these stories reminded me of something I was watching on TV last night about alien fish species in Lake Biwa. In a short time, the people caught something like 30+ blue gill (a foreign species) and only 1 fish that was indigenous to the lake. They also caught some turtles that didn’t belong there. The problem is partly due to people throwing unwanted pets into the lake. Like the lady in the video with the guinea pig her kid no longer was interested in. At least they did the responsible thing and took it back to the pet store, instead of abandoning it in the wild.

Here’s a little explainer about alien fish in Lake Biwa and other places. It’s a teacher’s blog and it’s a bit old, but it may give you some ideas for research.

Anyway, what’s the last photo on your phone? Mine is of Mt. Hood in Oregon. Last week my dad and I took a drive to Jonsrud Viewpoint, about 25 miles outside Portland, to see the view.

On the way, we passed a sign for a small community with a funny name:

Here are other videos in the Last Photo series::

Last Photo – San Francisco: vimeo.com/73180322
Last Photo – Los Angeles: vimeo.com/80692249
Last Photo – New York: vimeo.com/81688267
Last Photo – Miami: vimeo.com/95000692
Last Photo – Alabama: vimeo.com/95023516
Last Photo – London: vimeo.com/104988916
Last Photo – Detroit: vimeo.com/126819316