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Scottish sheep scarfing seaweed by the seashore

My hair used to be blonde when I was little, but it’s gotten darker the older I get. I joke with people sometimes that it’s because I often eat seaweed (wakame, nori, mozuku, kombu…) now that I live in Japan. Students used to believe me, but they’re not quite as gullible these days.

“to scarf (down)” is an Americanism that means “to eat a lot and usually quickly”, similar to パクパク食べる. It’s usually used to talk about junk food, rather than healthier food, though.

A perfect memory

Imagine having a perfect memory. This might come in handy during exam time, but imagine remembering everything that ever happened to you — good and bad things, successes and failures. This woman is one of only 60 people worldwide who’ve been identified as having something called “highly superior autobiographical memory” (H.S.A.M.) She even remembers something from when she was 12 days old.

If you want to learn more about this condition, here’s an article from the BBC: “The blessing and curse of people who never forget”

If you want to watch an enjoyable, funny movie about memory (or lack thereof), try “50 First Dates” (Japanese title: 『50回目のファースト・キス』)