Dogs and cats

Lots of ways you could interpret this. “The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside”  by Siri Melchior nominated for a BAFTA in 2003.


What would you take to space?

This article from Atlas Obscura explains about some of the food choices astronauts can make.

“Eating Like an Astronaut Means Kimchi for Koreans and Lasagna for Italians”

Of course, this is not to say that Koreans can’t have lasagna and Italians can’t have kimchi.

So what woud you take to space? Typical traditional Japanese foods like miso soup, rice, pickle and grilled fish? More modern Japanese foods like omu-rice, okonomiyaki or ramen? If you think that would be too hard to eat in zero-gravity, scan the article for “Space Ram”.

Skim the article for other interesting details like whether or not food in zero gravity is blander or spicier than it is on Earth, why crumbly foods like croissants can be dangerous, and how they dealth with kimchi’s strong smell.

My choice would probably be a different culture’s food each day of the week. Indian curry on Monday, Thai gapao on Tuesday, onigiri and miso soup on Wednesday, Korean bibimbap on Thursday, fish on Friday…

And today?

Yesterday I shared two videos about the cities of Tokyo and New York City 100 years ago. Today is a list of “101 things to love about New York City”. My favorite was the (#35) Bodega Cats Instagram feed (also on Twitter):

Watch the video from Curbed about bodega cats.

Your challenge: make a list of 101 (well, start with 10?) things to love about Tokyo. My first on the list is the bicycle sharing system in 9 of the 23 wards.