Portfolio Tasks

Your portfolio is a notebook in which you’ll document your learning through a variety of tasks. You can also add other pages to your notebook for notes you take during class, and anything else you want to share with us about what you’re learning.

Please make sure your name is clearly written on your notebook cover, and paste your bingo challenge sheet and Word of the Week sheet in your notebook, like this:

For people who want to do digital portfolios, talk with me about how to do it and how to share it.

Here’s a list of portfolio tasks, with instructions and examples. These are examples, not templates; please feel free to make your portfolio in your own style and ask anytime you have questions or need help.

Two things you MUST do:

  • use your own words — don’t copy-and-paste and say you wrote it, please.
  • cite your sources — when you take pictures, information, or ideas from the internet, books, videos, other people, or anywhere but your own head, please write down your sources. And no, saying “I got it from the Internet” is not citing your source.

I’ll explain in more detail in class about your portfolio “bingo challenge” and “Word of the Week challenge” and other portfolio requirements.

The tasks are listed below in alphabetical order. There are more than enough to fill a whole “bingo” sheet plus some extra ideas, so do what’s useful and interesting to you. And if you want to do something else that’s not on the list, talk to me anytime.

  1. Bilingual recipe & cooking instructions
  2. Create a quiz — I gave you an example as a class activity in the first or second week of Fall Term 2017-18
  3. CVs/Cover letters/Application essays
  4. Demonstration
  5. Diary style
  6. Dictation
  7. Editorial cartoon analysis
  8. Focusing on subtitles
  9. Original prize idea
  10. Persuasive speech or essay
  11. Profile
  12. Real or Fake?
  13. Research
  14. Review & recommendation
  15. Scanning
  16. Song lyrics analysis
  17. Summary & opinion
  18. Survey & analysis
  19. TED Talk
  20. Translation
  21. Writing Sparks