Portfolio task: Demonstration

This task is about demonstrating / explaining how to do something. You’ll need to use lots of visuals for this task, or you could make a video if you want.

Remember — if you take images from the internet or anywhere else, make sure you cite your sources. If you’re taking screenshots, try using the Skitch app to mark it.

One example — a breathing technique to help you sleep and reduce stress (see this post)

↓ Another example ↓

This is how to get started creating your own WordPress site/blog. It’s the platform I use for this Topics site. If you do decide to create your own digital portfolio using WordPress, please note that there are two WordPresses — .com and .org. The .com one is what you want to start with. It’s free and the iOS app is great. I’m not sure about the Android app, but I can try to help you with it if you have trouble.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress website:

Step 2: Choose the blog option. You can change this later, though. Yes, you can do this all in Japanese, but try it in English ! It’s good practice.

Step 3: Choose “Start with a portfolio”. After you get the hang of it and want to become an entrepreneur, you can make your own online shop 🙂

Step 4: Choose your URL. Spend a little time on this because you won’t be able to change it later.

(still Step 4) — If you choose a URL that’s already taken on the WordPress site, they’ll let you know. And make sure you choose the top one that says “Free”. Your URL will be xxxxxxx.wordpress.com. 

Step 5: Choose the Free option:


Step 6: Create your account by typing your email address and choosing a username and password. You’ll need to remember these, so make a note somewhere.

You’re all ready to go! I will help you with the next steps in class.