Portfolio task: Dictation

  1. Choose one topic from the Japan in Focus podcast on Overcast (see screenshots below if this link doesn’t work). Most episodes have 3 topics. Just choose one. (If this is too challenging for you, you can use another source. Ask if you need help finding something.)
  2. Cite your source(s).
  3. Do dictation for at least 30 seconds of the topic. You can choose which 30 seconds you do, and you can do more if it’s not too challenging. Leave blanks if there are words you can’t catch, and highlight places you’re not sure about.
  4. Try to summarize the whole topic and if you have extra space on your page, use it to write down key vocabulary and ask questions.

↓ Here’s an example ↓

 Source citations:

Here’s how to find the Japan in Focus podcast on Overcast if these links don’t work: