Portfolio task: Focusing on subtitles

The goal of this task is to pay attention to subtitles when you watch movies, videos and TV shows. Take some screenshots of scenes where you think the subtitles are interesting and write your opinions about the way the language has been translated, and perhaps other ways you might translate the lines. You might even find a mistake, like this one (I used this example in some classes in the spring term. Do you remember it?

Use post-it notes to turn this portfolio page into a quiz for your classmates and me. See my example portfolio page below.

In this episode of a show called “How I Met Your Mother” Robin is trying to study for a citizenship test (she’s from Canada).

The mistake:
The subtitles say:
     Barney: “How many stars are there on the flag?”
     Robin: “51, for each state.”
What Robin actually said:
     Robin: “Fifty. One for each state.”
So either the subtitler was careless or s/he doesn’t know how many states there are in the U.S. Or both.

↓ Here’s an example portfolio page ↓