Portfolio task: Original prize idea

This task is meant to get you thinking creatively during the Nobel Prize season. The questions is:

Who do you think should get a prize?


Who do you think should have gotten a prize but never did?

Pick someone you think deserves recognition but has not received a prize. You can choose a living person or someone from history. You can choose a real person or a fictional character. You can choose a group of people. You can choose an organization or even a country. Prepare a brief explanation of what kind of prize you think he/she/they/it should get and why.

You can use an already established prize — Nobel prizes, literary prizes like the Naoki Prize or Pulitzer Prize, prizes for acting or singing like the Academy or Grammy Awards, or you can create your own original prize if you want.

Here’s my example (which is actually combined with the Song Lyrics Analysis task … two birds with one stone!)

And if you chose to do a presentation about this task, here’s my example of a poster presentation. Focus on adding images and key words but not a lot of writing: