Portfolio task: Research

  1. Make a research question (or two or three) and try to find answers. If you don’t know much about the topic, I suggest reading a bit in Japanese first to familiarize yourself with the background. Then find an English language source. This will help you learn the appropriate vocabulary you’ll need for the topic. If you need help finding suitable English language sources, let me know.
  2. Take notes, trying to use your own words. The goal is to try to understand the most important and most interesting points so that you can explain them to your classmates.
  3. Don’t forget to cite your sources so you can go back and find the information again if necessary.
  4. Leave some room on the page to add some of your own ideas and questions.

↓ Here’s an example ↓

(I had listened to something about Cambodia for my scanning task, and I wanted to know more, so I chose this topic and these research questions to try to answer.)

  • Who is Hun Sen, the PM of Cambodia? What can I find out about him?
  • The Cambodian newspaper Cambodia Daily is funded by …?