Portfolio task: Scanning

Scanning is a reading strategy that will help you focus on key information — names and numbers. Doing this will help you predict what the text is about.

Here are the steps I suggest:

  1. Find an article from an online news site about a topic that interests you. If you need help finding one, ask me.
  2. Copy and paste the article into your portfolio.
  3. Scan the article using 3 different highlighter pens:
    1. yellow = proper nouns (names of people, places, organizations, etc.)
    2. green = numbers
    3. pink = quotations
  4. Ask yourself and make some notes: How many of these names do you recognize? Can you categorize them into groups? What do the numbers mean? Can you predict the main ideas? What do the quotations mean? Make some comments and questions about these things before you read the text.
  5. Focus on the headline: try to paraphrase it
  6. Focus on the photos / captions if there are any: try to paraphrase it.
  7. If the text isn’t very long, go through each paragraph and try to paraphrase. Don’t use your dictionary too much — try to predict what unfamiliar words mean from context. If the text is long, focus on the first 1-2 paragraphs and the last 1-2 paragraphs.
  8. Make some questions about things you’d like to find out more about. (and if you have time and interest, try to find the answers — you can do this for your RESEARCH task)

↓ Here’s an example ↓