Portfolio task: Summary and opinion

  1. Choose something about current events to read, watch, or listen to. It can be straight news or an op-ed. Make sure you’re interested in the topic. If you don’t know anything about the topic at all, you should try to read a little about it in Japanese first. If you need help finding a good English-language article to read, ask me for help.
  2. Cite your source (title, source, date, author if there is one).
  3. Read/watch/listen once without writing anything down.
  4. Write down what you remember.
  5. Read/watch/listen again, stopping once or twice to write down details you missed the first time.
  6. Put the text away and take your notes from #3 and #4 and make a summary. The summary should contain the main ideas and some key details. Think carefully about which details you think are important enough to add to the summary.
  7. Write your opinion.
  8. If you have extra space on the page, fill it with key vocabulary & definitions and good discussion questions.

↓ Here is an example ↓

It’s about the song “Despacito” and “the age of Trump”.

Source citations:

page 1

extra in page 1

extra in page 1

page 2