Portfolio task: TED Talk

  1. Choose a TED Talk from the TED site or the TED-Ed site or one of the apps I introduced in the spring term. There’s also a list of some of my favorites on the Topics site.
  2. If you need to, watch the talk in Japanese first, to give you an idea about the content.
  3. Watch the talk in English, using English subtitles and/or the interactive transcript. Take notes about the content in your portfolio.
  4. Use your notes to explain what the talk is about.
  5. Write about what the talk made you think about.
  6. If you have extra space on your page, ask questions about the content or the language, or focus on some of the key vocabulary.

↓ Here’s an example ↓

As an alternative for this task, you could write your own TED-style talk!  (Instead of listening to one and talking about it, make your own.)